How Are Moving Companies Regulated?

All moving companies in North Carolina are regulated by the North Carolina Utilities Commission. They regulate both moves from one town to another and moves within the same town or city.

This is important for many reasons, and benefits you, the consumer, tremendously when you use a licensed mover. All licensed movers in the State of North Carolina operate from a document called the Maximum Rate Tariff No. 1. It determines, among other things, the maximum rate you pay as a consumer but is really a comprehensive document that explains all the rules and regulations a licensed moving company must follow in the state. This includes how they charge, what their hours are, what their insurance coverage must contain, and more.

When you hire a NCUC licensed mover, you know that you’re getting a company that lives by a certain set of rules that benefit you, the customer.

However, the NCUC does not have jurisdiction over moves between states. For that, there’s the Federal Government. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration sets licensing and policy for interstate moves. To legally move between states, a company must be registered with the FMCA as well as the US Department of Transportation.

To learn if the mover you are considering is properly licensed and registered with the State and Federal governments, as for the company’s NCUC number and their DOT number.

You can verify the numbers here:

  • State: Find out if the moving company is licensed by the State of North Carolina in this 8-page PDF.
  • Federal: Look up the company on the FMCA’s website.

At Few Moves Moving Company, we’re proud to be fully licensed, registered, and insured. Our information, and links to verify that information are below.

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