How do I Move Houseplants?

Moving is an activity that is usually marked by two prominent emotions: hopefulness and nervousness. Even if the move is something that you are looking forward to, there is always some nervousness about what lies ahead. For those moves that were not exactly part of your life plan, most people can find some excitement in making a fresh start wherever their lives might take them.

One thing that might not immediately cross your mind is how to safely move your house plants. And because of the “nature” (yes, pun intended) and delicacy, and uncertainty (most movers are not botanists) of plant care, most moving companies will not move your household plants.

Take some time to consider if it’s best to move your plants or if you don’t think they’ll survive, then make sure you find a good home. Of course, moving them from your old home to your new one is only half the battle. You want them to not only survive the move but to also thrive in their new environment.

Moving your Houseplants Nearby or Across Town

Moving your house plants when you are simply relocating across town can be accomplished by packing them in open boxes. Make sure you use newspapers or other materials to cushion the sides of the pots. Find a secure place in your car to secure the box — the floor board is a natural choice — and you’re ready to go.

Larger plants take a bit more preparation but can be moved unscathed as well. In order to keep the potting soil in the container and out of your car, place sphagnum moss on top of the pot before wrapping it in plastic. Secure it with either tape or string. Now you can lay the plant down in your car without creating a huge mess.



During the winter months, your house plants will need extra care. Just a few seconds of frigid air can damage — or even kill — them. For best results, wrap them gently in newspapers before packing them into your car. If you have a garage that is connected to your home, pull your car in there and transfer your plants straight to your car.

Moving Long Distance with Household Plants

When moving a longer distance, taking your house plants with you poses even greater challenges. Driving with your plants for longer distances that mean you have to make overnight stops will involve you bringing your plants inside your hotel room with you. When you must leave them in the car for an extended amount of time, crack your windows. You want to try to avoid making them too hot or too cold and make sure they get enough water.

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