How It’s Possible To Actually Make Money When You Move

If you’re getting ready to move, you probably have discovered there’s a big price tag involved. If your credit card is getting a workout, you might like some ideas about how to replace some of that money. Yes—it’s possible to actually make money when you move!

Because moving is a great excuse to get rid of things you don’t need, you can double the efficiency and make a few bucks from your castoffs—or even a bundle. Here are a few ideas for what to cash in on, and where.

Old Electronics

That drawer full of smartphones, iPods, etc. can be turned into cash to make money when you move. If you keep up with the latest technology and have late-model smartphones, you can make hundreds. But even older phones can fetch $5-25. Try Gazelle and uSell or a local mobile phone repair shop.


Fashionistas are the big winners here. The newer the style, the higher the price it will fetch at your favorite consignment store or thredUP. But many stores will buy a collection of clothes for a set price and take all the details off your hands. Either way, you can amle some money when you’re getting rid of things before you move.

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You don’t really like that piece, it’s heavy, and it won’t fit in the new place: Sell it! Expect 15% of the purchase price from consignment stores; you can probably get twice that if you sell individually on Craigslist. Check online prices for special antiques.

Kids’ Stuff

A yard sale is a happy home for getting rid of strollers, unused gifts, and clothes that missed their proper season before you move. Once Upon A Child takes consignments, too. But don’t try to make much selling anything stained or worn.

Records or CDs

A serious collector can make money selling off choice records and CDs. The more obscure, the better, when it comes to music. But even with ordinary good music, volume counts—so ask at your local record store, or try Amoeba Records.

Kitchen Items

Mismatched plates can go in the yard sale, but a stand mixer or collectible Fiestaware should be handled separately. Etsy is worth a try for the cute stuff. Sell that extra kitchenware before you move!

Power Tools

Keep the best and unload the rest! Name-brand power tools like Craftsman, Mac, and Snap-On can net you a bundle on Craigslist or eBay. Check online rates for everything and price it to sell.

Hints for Selling Used Stuff

  • No one has a sentimental attachment to your possessions except you, so you can’t charge extra for that. Price items to sell and they will. If they don’t, lower the price.
  • Take great pictures. Drag your items outdoors into bright indirect light and snap away.
  • While they’re out there, dust them off. A clean chair is a happy chair (or book, or fondue set).

Donate It and Cash In

If you give your items to a charitable organization, you can take it off your taxes as a charitable donation. Estimate fair market value and keep reasonable records.

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