How to Avoid Moving Company Scams by Your Raleigh NC Moving Company

When choosing a moving company to transport all of your valued possessions for home or business moves, it’s only natural to be a little wary. There are many companies out there that may be running under less than legitimate means and we’ve heard our share of horror stories.

We’re created this post to help you identify some “red flags” for moving scams or unlicensed/uninsured movers, when searching for a Raleigh  NC Moving Company.

Make Sure The Raleigh NC Moving Company is Properly Licensed

Moving companies need to be licensed through the state of North Carolina. If the moving company is not licensed, then not only are they operating illegally — which is shady to begin with — but you could find yourself and your items not protected should the worst happen. There are many fly-by-night operations that operate with a few (or no trucks) trucks or a single van and boast very low rates. Your insurance company may not fill your claims if they discover you completed your move with one of these companies.

Click here for a list of North Carolina Moving Companieswith a Certificate of Exemption from the North Carolina Utilities Commission and are able to operate legally within NC.

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Be Skeptical of Extremely Low Rates

So what, exactly, is going on with this company that is half the price of other movers? A company that offers exceptionally low rates may be doing a few things. They may not be paying for insurance and other areas of essential overhead, so you could end up in trouble if an accident occurs. They may also be offering a low estimate, with the intent of charging you for additional costs later on. A common scam tactic is to estimate that the job will be only a few hours long and then later claim that it took much longer, for a variety of reasons.

Also be sure to get a written estimate and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Look Up Their Website, Reviews and Testimonials

Does their website look professional? Do they have a website or just a Craigslist list ad? Be extra cautious of Craigslist movers without a website, proper moving licenses, or insurance.

Reviews and testimonials are usually available online for any local moving company. One caveat — don’t rely solely on reviews and testimonials. Anyone can post them. Some companies may post fake reviews that make it look like they’re really better than they are. Some competitors may maliciously post fake complaints to damage them. Rely on independent review sources and take both very bad reviews and very good reviews with a grain of salt. Try to get a full picture by reading all the reviews available. If possible, ask to speak to a personal referral of the Raleigh NC Moving Company before you make your decision.

Ask About The Moving Team

Ask the company if they run background checks on their professional Raleigh NC movers. What kind of training to they receive? Are they day laborers or full time employees? Does their website have stock photography if “generic movers” or pictures of the actual moving team? I would recommend you only use a a company that hires a team of professional movers that have received proper training and background checks. Questions like these can help alleviate a lot of problems later on.


Take your time to do your due diligence on each company that you consider. If you do notice any irregularities with quotes, ask the company to explain them, and always ask for documentation regarding licensing and insurance.

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