How to Avoid Moving Woes with your “Bros” During a DIY Move

Moving. It is a monumental time in our lives. New places, different people, and exciting adventures await. It is undoubtedly a fun and thrilling experience. But, moving comes with many obstacles, challenges, and sometimes contentious moments. One of the biggest issues—the actual moving part.

Sure, you can hire a moving company. Moving companies are great (not that we’re biased). They will certainly get your stuff from where it was to where we want it. Unfortunately, sometimes budgets and time don’t allow for us to hire a moving company for packing, moving or unpacking—no matter how bad we want or need them.

So what options do we have? Maybe we can build a teleporter. Or use the largest crane man can imagine. Both options still require much time and money, both of which we have little of. What’s the next best thing to a moving company, teleporter, or crane? Friends! That’s right, your bros!

If you can help it, you don’t want to beg your buddies to assist you; or make them feel obligated; or guilt trip them into helping you. No matter how good of friends you are or think they want to help you, I can pretty much guarantee you that they don’t. They have their own stuff to do and spending their Saturday moving your ping pong table into your truck is a lot less fun than shooting hoops with the boys at the gym. But if it comes right down to it, the bros are a go when it comes to moving – especially if you’ve been there for them.

Follow these four steps to keep your bros happy when they are helping you move:

1. Ask kindly. Explain that you are in desperate straits and they were a last option.

2. Have your stuff boxed and ready to actually be moved. Nobody wants to sit around sorting your towels and underwear.

3. Make it fun! Maybe play a game while moving, tell stories of the “good-ole-day”, or listen to some up-beat music.

4. Show genuine, yet exaggerated thanks. Everyone, no matter how ‘hard’ they may seem, wants to feel appreciated. Buy a few packs of their favorite adult beverage or splurge for dinner.

All in all, if you follow these steps the boys will have no problem helping you out. Basically, just be sincere and respectful of their time and generosity.

And remember, our “boys” are here for you too if you need a reliable, professional moving company to get you across town or across the Country.

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