How to Clean Out Your Chimney In Time For Santa

It’s nearly time for old Saint Nick to come ho-ho-ho-ing down the chimney. Is your fireplace ready? As cozy as fireplaces are in winter, they do require care and caution. Check these quick chimney care tips to make sure your fireplace is Santa-safe.

Up the Chimney We Look

When you burn wood, creosote accumulates in the chimney. This can catch fire so it must be removed occasionally. Santa won’t mind a bit of soot, but be kind and remove sticky creosote before his visit.

Don goggles and a dust mask and shine a flashlight up your chimney. Scratch the walls above the damper with a fireplace poker. If you have ¼ inch of creosote, it’s time to clean the chimney.

Check Your Fireplace for Safety

  • Choose a grate that fits your fireplace. The hottest, best fires have logs close together, not spread out across the firebox.
  • Make sure the hearth and mantel are free of flammables. Don’t stack wood on the hearth where it could catch fire and bring flames into the room.
  • Santa’s milk and cookies can be displayed nearby, but not too close. Keep furniture three feet from the fireplace, and use a screen for sparks.
  • Remove ashes in a coal hod and add water or let it cool completely before discarding the ashes.
  • Install smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors.

Up on the Housetop

Santa needs room to land the reindeer, so clear any trees that hang near your chimney. Falling branches could damage the chimney.

A chimney cap will help keep out debris and animals, but it won’t delay Santa Claus; he just removes it, and puts it back when finished.

Woodburning for Chimney Care

Burn only seasoned wood to prevent creosote buildup in the chimney and smoke in the house.

Make a Clean Chimney Sweep for Safety

You can sweep your chimney yourself, but a certified chimney sweep will check for problems and is usually reasonably priced. Professional chimney sweeps can remove thin layers of creosote that homeowners usually can’t handle.

Your sweep should have insurance and workers’ compensation in case of an accident.

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