How To “De-Pet” Your Home Before Moving

You love your pet, whether it be a cuddly kitten, rambunctious puppy, or noisy bird. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to know that your pet (no matter how adorable) had been there before them.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to “de-pet” your home before you move, helping to make the experience for you and the next homeowners as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Rent a Carpet Cleaner to De-Pet your Carpet

Remember that time your little fur ball peed on the carpet? Yeah… everyone does. Did you know that those small stains can become set in over time if not removed properly? To easily help take care of small stains that are showing, you can rent a carpet cleaner to run over all of your floors. It is a little pricy but it will help get rid of current stains and stop more stains under the carpet from peaking up. After all, you don’t need your prospective owners learning about that time you were trying to house train—no one needs to remember those day, right?


Get a Purifier to Pulverize Pet Dander

An air purifier can be your best friend before moving. They are meant to get contaminants out of the air, and that includes pet dander. Cats and dogs both shed which can cause danger to get into the air, the thing that triggers allergies and sometimes that distinct pet smell. Although this may not bother you, no new (or potential new) owner is going to want to walk into their new home and start sneezing. That is not a pleasant experience for anyone.


Clean Out the Pet Toys

When trying to sell a house and move, no one wants to walk in and see pet toys, food, and treats all over the house. Before you start showing, make sure you clean up after your pet. Put toys into a toy box and get rid of anything that is ripped or destroyed. Make sure food stays in the dish, why do pets feel the need to always move that, and pick up and leftover treat crumbs.


Get an Ultraviolet Light

This is the best time to go all “CSI” on your furniture and carpets. Ultraviolet lights will be able to show you where there are pet stains that may not yet be visible to the naked eye. Once you see them, mark them with anything. Literally, stick a shoe on it or something. You just don’t want to lose it once you turn the lights back on, otherwise you’ll be doing it all again. Then, simply treat the spots with an eco and pet friendly carpet or furniture cleaner.

Moving can be a challenge, especially when a pet or multiple pets are involved. But, these tips and tricks will not only simplify your work but will make the next homeowner extremely happy with a clean and pet free home.

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