How to Have the Best Commercial Move Possible

When moving your business, timing is everything. Every day you’re not in business is a financial loss, so it’s really important to minimize down time.

There are a few pitfalls for a commercial move that you will want to watch out for. Few Moves Moving Company, a full-service moving company with years of experience in commercial moving, has a few tips to help you stay on track during your commercial move.

Start the Commercial Moving Process Early

It’s tempting to work up until the last minute in order to keep your business on track. But planning is key for two reasons:

  • Reorganize Early. Don’t move junk—clean out those old file cabinets and storage rooms. Everyone accumulates stuff, and reducing the load in your commercial move will save you money.
  • Find the Right Movers. You don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute to find a mover who is capable and reputable. Look for a mover three months ahead of time, and heed their advice about packing, storage, and infrastructure in your new offices.

Make a Moving Plan for Your Business

The better organized you are, the easier your commercial move will be. Take an inventory of your business assets to determine what needs to be moved, get the office organized, and talk to your IT people. You’ll want to plan your move when it’s a slower season for your business. A written moving strategy with milestone dates will help everyone keep on track.


Estimate Moving Costs for Your Commercial Move

The best commercial moving plans avoid surprises, including financial surprises. Establish a moving budget early and include these costs:

  • A quote from the mover, including insurance, packing, and storage. Few Moves Moving Company will give you a custom quote tailored to your needs, with no hidden fees.
  • Quotes for installation for phones and internet services.
  • Deposits for leased space or moving fees.

Get all costs in writing whenever possible for a commercial move that respects the bottom line.

Choose the Right Moving Service

A little research early in the process will help you choose a suitable commercial moving company with the right equipment and staff to move your important commercial assets. A good commercial moving should:

  • Have all the proper licenses and insurance.
  • Use professional staff, not unskilled day labor.
  • Have excellent references: Read the reviews.
  • Offer all the moving services you need.
  • Offer the best quality commercial moving services at a fair price.

Few Moves Moving Company is proud to offer great commercial moving services, and we think you’ll be pleased with our work. For your next commercial move, call Few Moves at (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh or (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington today, or request a quote online.