How to Learn About Your New City Before You Move  

A new city is a land of opportunity! Moving to a new city is a chance to explore, make new friends, learn about history, and try new activities. But it can be a daunting task to begin. To make things easier, find out about your new city before you move.

1. A New City by the Numbers

Many cities offer plenty of information on their websites. Check your city website for information on events, parks, trash removal, transportation, and jobs. The city will likely link you to booster organizations and the Chamber of Commerce, too. Those sites can give you real meat-and-potatoes information about local businesses, shops, restaurants, etc.

2. Look into New Neighborhoods

Check out different neighborhoods before you decide where to live.

3. Learn About Schools in Your New City

Educate yourself about schools to pinpoint the best neighborhood in your new city for kids.

  • Find out the rules at your local Board of Education. Many schools have individual websites, too.
  • GreatSchools ranks schools, mostly based on standardized test scores. And residents add their own reviews, which can be very helpful.

4. Put Your Finger on Your New City’s Pulse

  • Subscribe to your new city’s newspaper. Most newspapers have an online-only version if you don’t want the paper version. But the paper version will give you even more details about events, and local news items, and you’ll get the store flyers so you know where to shop.
  • Local weekly or monthly publications help you find out about events, theater, restaurants, etc.
  • To get a taste of the interests of your new city’s residents, check out Chances are you’ll find people who share your own interests, and you can plug right in.

5. Check User Forums for News of Your New City

Hear the news straight from the horses’ mouth: the residents of your new city.

  • Facebook and Instagram groups can help you hear from members of your new community.
  • City subreddit lists on Reddit drill down to peek right into your new city.
  • Nextdoor connects neighbors in a private networking site to learn what’s going on in your new area.

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