How to Take a Home Inventory Before Your Move

You don’t realize how many things you have until it’s time to move. Then, your possessions seem to double! Even if you’re careful about choosing what things to move, you’ll have a lot of belongings to keep track of. The best way to watch over them and make sure everything makes it to your new home in one piece is by taking a home inventory before you move.

An Inventory Sheet Keeps a Tally of Your Belongings

It’s a good idea to tag items and record them on an inventory sheet before you move. Add details such as condition and accessories: If your table legs are chipped, note it in the inventory. Tables won’t heal themselves during the move, but at least you’ll remember the nicks were there. And checking off the cables that go along with your electronics is easier than trying to remember what’s what.

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Include These Items in an Inventory

If you’re packing yourself, label boxes in a helpful way and keep track of the label on your inventory. But you don’t need to make sure every sweater and toothbrush is accounted for—it will only make your list cumbersome.

Make a special note of valuable items like electronics, jewelry, antiques, and collections, and note their value. If these items are damaged or missing, you will have a record of their cost. Often movers prefer to pack these items themselves (even if you are doing most of your own packing) so they can be sure your valuables are fully protected during the move.

Using the Inventory List at Your New House

Movers may use an inventory sheet as they move your belongings into your new home, especially on a long-distance move. You can also refer to your personal list to check in your belongings.

Inspect items as they arrive to be sure they weren’t damaged during the moving process. Look for missing feet and knobs, and check for scratches. (This is where a detailed personal inventory list really pays off.) Plug in appliances and see that they’re working, and flag anything that doesn’t seem right.

If anything is missing or damaged, now is the time to alert your movers, before they leave your new house. Many problems can be straightened out immediately—sometimes boxes get mixed up in the hubbub. If there are any problems, note them in writing now with your signature and the movers, to make filing a claim easier later.

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After the Movers Leave

There’s still the unpacking to do, and your personal inventory will be a big help with that. Make notes if any items are missing or damaged. Check small appliances and electronics within a few days of your arrival to be sure they work.

If anything is missing or damaged, you can file a claim. We do our best to prevent any unfortunate events, but we education all our customers on their insurance coverage options before a move.

When you’ve looked over your belongings and you’re getting ready to move, call Few Moves Moving Company. We’re a professional moving company with a great team and a great track record, and we’ll work hard to make your move efficient and convenient for you. Call Few Moves today at (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh or (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington to discuss your move, or request a quote online.