How to Tell Your Friends and Family You’re Moving

You’ve made the decision to move and you’ve found a place. You’re ready for new adventures! But sadly, you must leave friends behind. We know you’ll keep up through other means like the phone, Facebook and Instagram, but depending how far you’re moving – a lot of time can pass before you see them in personal again. How can you tell your friends and family you’re moving so they feel included, valued, and not abandoned?

Few Moves Moving Company has helped a lot of people move – sometimes across town, sometimes across the country, and we’ve seen some imaginative and warm ways to let friends and family know you’re moving and keep them in the loop.

Here are a couple of ideas for telling people you’re moving:

Tell Each Friend Individually You’re Moving

Tell your family members and friends you’re moving in person, if you can. Let them know they’re important and you’ll miss them. Make plans for visits and staying in touch.

After you’ve told the most important people, you can send out an email or post your news on social media. But please don’t let your mom find out this way.

Send Moving Announcements

Moving announcements are a great way to make sure everyone know you’re moving and what your new address is. Try these ideas:

  • Choose printed moving announcements that reflect your personality: They can be elegant, humorous, flowery, etc.
  • Choose postcards from your new city. These can be all the same or different views.
  • Consider sending e-announcements. It’s greener! Send a photo of your new place along with the new address.
  • If you’re already in your new place (it’s late for announcements, but it happens), make a video moving announcement. Film yourself showing off your new place and send it along in the email.

Throw a Going-Away Party

If you time it right, you might even get friends to help with the packing at your going-away party. Go easy on yourself and serve pizza and beverages. Seeing everyone one last time is a great way to say goodbye!

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And a Housewarming Party, Too

If you’re moving really far, this might be tough! But even after a long-distance move, new neighbors and coworkers would love to attend and a few friends from the old town might show up, too.

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Send Photos Back Home

As soon as you’re a little bit settled in, take photos of yourself in your new place and send them to friends and family you’ve moved away from. They will be glad to be included and will be encouraged to visit your new home.

As you prepare for your move to your new place, think of Few Moves Moving Company. We can help with all your moving needs, including planning, packing and unpacking, supplies, loading and unloading, and more. Give us a call at (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh or (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington today, or request a quote online. Let us tell you more about what we can do to make your move easy, safe, and secure.