How to Throw a Successful Housewarming Party

Hurry up and unpack those boxes! Even better, leave a few pushed against the wall—they’ll be great extra seating for your housewarming party.

A housewarming party really makes a house feel like home, and it’s great for meeting new people. To help you make your housewarming party a success, we’ve collected a few tips.

Be Unpacked Before Your Housewarming Party

If there is a stack of boxes lurking in the living room, get that stuff put away before the party. You’ll feel more at home and your guests will admire your industriousness if you’re moved all the way in before you issue invitations.

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Invite Everyone to Your Housewarming Party

Don’t be shy. Invite new neighbors and coworkers as well as everyone you already know. This is a time to let everyone welcome you while you offer them some hospitality.

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Potluck Housewarming Parties Stock the Pantry

Or stock the bar! When friends ask, “What can I bring?” give them a real assignment, such as an appetizer or a bottle of wine. Not only does it save work for you, but you may end up with treats and toasts for the future.

Try an Open House Housewarming

Sunday afternoon is a great time for a party. Have open hours from noon to 4 p.m. and you’ll get to see a lot more of your guests than if they all come at once. Serve cold appetizers and be prepared to give lots of tours.

Put Your Housewarming Guests to Work

You can ask guests to help paint a room, tear down a wall, or start your garden. Just make sure they know in advance so they can come in proper attire (and beg off if they’re so inclined!).

Play Some Housewarming Games

  • Check online for housewarming word search and Bingo games to keep your guests entertained.
  • Try a scavenger hunt! Hide quirky items or door prizes for guests to seek.
  • Decorate your new home with art your guests create: Give each a small canvas and some paints and let them get creative.
  • Get great decorating ideas with a design party. Give guests magazines, paint chips, and a corkboard for each room, and see what great ideas they can come up with.
  • Telephone Tour: Just like the childhood game, you give a tour to your first guest, then they give a tour to the next, etc.

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