How You Can Still Enjoy The Holidays During a Move

If you asked Santa for a new home, and he’s delivering, you may be boxing up ornaments while everyone else is decking the halls. Although moving adds many tasks to an already busy season, there’s no reason to be a Scrooge about your move. Here are a few tips to help you make your holiday-season move more festive.

Start Your Preparations Early

  • Pack It All Up: Get as much packed and ready to go as you can two weeks ahead of the move. Then you can fit in special holiday concerts and events. Donate unwanted items to charity—‘tis the season to be generous!—and leave just a few items of clothing in rotation. Get dishes boxed up and eat from holiday paper plates.
    Don’t try to have a Christmas tree with all the trimmings, but leave out a string of lights, a cornucopia, or a menorah to mark the holiday.
  • Book Your Movers Early: Movers take time off for holidays just like everyone else, so book early to make sure your movers will be available. Consider moving during the week or well before or after the first of the month; New Year’s Day might be the day your new home is ready, but it will be easier if you move a few days before or after.
  • Send Gifts Ahead: Shop well in advance—July is good. Pack and ship gifts to friends and family and to your new home well ahead of the holiday. Just add a little tag that says “Do not open until Christmas!”

Keep Your Holiday Traditions

Choose a few holiday traditions to keep, and let the others go for this year. If baking cookies makes the season bright, spend a day or an evening doing just that. If it isn’t Thanksgiving without a turkey, do it—or order one from the market. Of course Chinese food is as traditional on moving day as on Christmas for many people. A little celebration goes a long way!

Button Up Your Overcoat

Are you moving to a cold climate? Pack the boots and mittens in a special box to be kept handy. That goes for the snow shovel, too! Reserve a few pieces of holiday clothing, too, so you can dress up if the occasion calls for it.

Make Moving Day Festive

This is a good year to start some new traditions. Buy everyone Santa hats to wear as you pack the last boxes, queue up holiday tunes in Pandora, and keep the kids busy with small gifts like activity books and crafts. You’ll have just the right reindeer or turkey to hang on the refrigerator when you get to your new home.

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