Is a DIY move a good idea?

Moving is a process. There are all the details to manage, and all the work, and you’re uprooted for a while, too. But moving is exciting too too – with all the potential of a new place.

One of the tough parts of moving is the expense. You want to economize, but what plan offers the most value? Does it pay off to rent a truck? Or is it more affordable to hire a moving company to handle it for you? Few Moves Moving Company based in Wilmington and Raleigh looked into this question, and here is what we found.

The Cost of the Truck

At first glance it seems that a DIY move will be cheaper. Yes, it’s likely to be less expensive to rent a moving truck than to hire a professional moving company. But start counting up incidental DIY costs, and the price rises quickly: Consider, for instance, fuel and mileage for the rental truck. If it’s a long-distance move, you’ll need to bring along your car, and the tolls and hotel rooms can add up, too. And do you really want to drive that truck yourself?


Pack Up and Go

Who’s doing the packing—you, or the moving company? Do you have lots of friends and family members to help? Factor in work time and the costs of packing materials when you pack yourself. Few Moves Moving Company in Raleigh has everything you need for packing supplies, and the professional staff should be trained to protect and carefully pack so nothing is damaged.


Wear and Tear on the Movers

Moving is heavy work, not for the faint of heart. Professional movers are trained to lift without hurting themselves—or your belongings!—and to avoid injury. Your friends and family may not have this expertise, and you have to figure in the cost of lost work time. Few Moves Moving Company, as a professional mover in Raleigh, NC is protected by insurance for this kind of possibility.

Estimating the Load

Have you ever underestimated the load your car or truck will take? Multiply the dilemma many times when you’re looking at your belongings by the side of the road with no more room in the truck. Oops. Here you are, calling DIY friends with pickups and hoping it doesn’t rain.


Please Don’t Drop That

When friends lend a hand, the chances of something breaking are limitless. With any luck the damage will be minimal. But when you hire Few Moves in Raleigh, potential damage is limited by the care of our professional staff, and any damage is covered by our four separate insurance policies.


Who’s Minding the Store?

With a DIY move, you’re in charge. But it’s awfully easy for moving details to get lost in the shuffle when you’re busy with the heavy lifting. You have to get the utilities on at your new place and get a final read of the meters at your old place. Not to mention working and keeping everything else in your life going while you’re caught up in the whirl of moving.

Finding Great Value

Although a DIY move has a lot of hidden costs, there are great values out there for moving companies in Raleigh, NC. Make sure you’re protected by your moving company and that it has professional staff and insurance coverage, like Few Moves Moving Company in Raleigh.


When you’re ready to move, check out Few Moves Moving Company in Raleigh! We offer FREE moving consultations and a custom quote based on your unique moving needs. To find out how affordable a mover can be, call (919) 999-6201 or fill out our quote request form.