How To Keep Your Sense of Humor When Moving

Moving can naturally be a pretty stressful experience for family and friends. Even if you have hired a professional moving company to take care of packing and moving on moving day, there can still be stressful times in the preparation and execution of your move. But you’re in luck! There are some thing you can do to keep you spirits up throughout the moving process. Everyone will thank you – including yourself!

Here are five tactics you can apply during your next move, to keep a smile on your face and a laugh on your lips when the boxes and bubble wrap become too much.

1. Turn Moving Day Into a Game

Though moving day is fairly serious, it doesn’t have to hold that distinction 100% of the time. If you’re looking for a great way to keep everyone’s spirits up, consider turning the day into a game. Give prizes for who can move boxes the fastest, who can carry the most items in one trip and more.

2. Remember That You’re Not at Work

Work is definitely not a place for idle chit chat. Moving day, however, has no such requirement. Don’t be afraid to have fun conversations throughout the day. Make lists of your top five favorite movies, talk about that hilarious stand up comedy special that you just saw and more. If you’re willing to be open throughout the day, spirits will rise as a result.


3. Reward Your Helpers

If you’re helping someone move, let’s face it – nobody actually likes helping someone move. You don’t do it because you enjoy it, you do it to help out a friend in need. Keep a great sense of humor by rewarding your helpers with pizza, drinks and other types of items to keep spirits high throughout the day.

4. Don’t Overlook the Opportunity for a Good Joke

Did one of your helpers just do something stupid? Don’t be afraid to make a joke at your expense. By forcing yourself to see the funny side of everything throughout moving day, you and everyone around you will definitely be able to keep a great sense of humor.


5. Mental Health Breaks

Moving day is long and grueling – which is why mental health breaks are so important, especially with regards to your sense of humor. Every half hour be sure to take a few minutes to rest, crack jokes and keep everyone sharp for the remainder of the day ahead.

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