Less Stuff, More Happiness In The New Year: Tips for a Minimalist House 

One of the best parts of moving is the opportunity to start fresh. When you move, you have a new house, new neighborhood, and sometimes a new job. Moving is a great time to make changes in your life!

If you need to make some changes, consider going minimalist. The best way to start a minimalist lifestyle is with changes to your house, and the best time to set up a minimalist house is when you move.

What Is a Minimalist House?

In a minimalist house, you carry fewer things in. You have less stuff in general and less on display, thus less visual clutter. The look of a minimalist house is clean and neat, allowing you to move through it easily. Doesn’t it sound relaxing? One benefit of a minimalist lifestyle is less stress.

Steps to Creating Your Minimalist House

To start on your minimalist house, make a plan based on your particular goals. Will you be moving into a smaller or larger space? Is your goal to declutter in general, or do you have problem areas?

The next step is to go through your belongings, one by one, with a critical eye. Will you keep, donate, or discard each item? Decluttering guru Marie Kondo suggests you look at each item and ask yourself: Does this spark joy? If not, get rid of it.

A softer approach is to make piles, organizing items into piles to Keep, Discard, or Maybe. Get rid of the discard pile quickly to make room for more.

The Maybe pile is the tough one. Ask yourself:

  • How often do I use this? Can I do without it?
  • Does it have LOTS of sentimental value? If it has a little sentimental value, you can always take a picture.
  • Can it be used for several things?

Do’s and Don’t’s for a Minimalist House

  • Don’t be afraid you’ll need something down the road. Usually you won’t even miss it.
  • Do downsize now, before you move, to get used to living with fewer things. You can even put questionable items in storage to see if you miss them.
  • Do pare down your wardrobe. Be ruthless. Most people wear just a few of their clothes, and you’ll be glad to have the closet space.
  • Do choose a smaller home when possible. You’ll leave a smaller carbon footprint and you won’t be inclined to get more stuff to fill a large space.
  • Do think like a minimalist. Before you buy something new, ask yourself whether you really need it.

Few Moves Can Move Your Minimalist House

You will still have plenty of belongings even after a minimalist purge. Few Moves Moving Company is fully equipped, licensed, and insured to make your move simple and easy. Call Few Moves Moving Company in Raleigh at (919) 999-6201 or Wilmington, NC at (919) 999-6201 and tell us about your own moving needs.


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