4 Tips To Make Your Move An Exciting Venture For The Whole Family

Moving is never easy, especially if you’re relocating your entire family. Kids have a way of becoming attached to their comfy bedroom, large yard or friendly neighborhood, making a move that much harder. With a little effort and creativity, you can make your move an exciting venture for the whole family!

1. Involve Your Kids from the Start

Children may have little control in making the decision to move, but that doesn’t mean they’re not interested in what’s to come. Involve your kids in the move from the start so they will feel a part of the moving process. Let them go through their personal items and choose what to pack and what to give away. Older kids can even pack their own personal belongings.

2. Plan Ahead for Your New Destination

Talk about your new location and home with your kids and what it will be like. Point out exciting places to visit in the area and what activities are available for their age. Make plans in advance for family outings once you’ve settled in. This will give your kids something to look forward to in their new location.

3. Let Your Kids Create their Own Bedroom Environment

Encourage your kids to design their new bedroom by selecting a theme, color scheme and accessories to personalize their room the way they’d like. Have fun helping your kids create an environment that’s neat, functional and special. Your kids will appreciate your fellowship as much as the final results.

4. Throw a Farewell Party

Leave your old location with a bang by throwing a farewell party to say good-by to family and friends. Have your kids exchange addresses and keepsakes with close friends as remembrances of their time together. Play games, sing favorite songs, give away prizes and take lots of pictures to keep the memories alive for years to come.

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