How to Make Moving Day Fun for Kids

Let’s say that you’re a homeowner and you are moving. Whether you have children in the teens or younger, moving day can prove a stressful day for everyone. To avoid any melt downs or panic attacks, follow a few of our moving day tips for kids. Older children can pack their own possessions with some pointers from mom and dad. Younger ones may not fully understand that their possessions need boxing or bagging up for moving day and sometimes feel that they may never see their favorite toys again once put into a box or bag.

The following are pre-moving preparations and tips to make moving day go smoothly for children. Kids who are moving away from a school that they are comfortable in, away from friends and family can be traumatic. Parents, remember to be sympathetic and patient when speaking to children about moving.

1. Start speaking with them about moving weeks before the actual moving day.

2. Allow children to pack up their own possessions. Children can help by the age of three years with mom or dad at their side

3. Save the child’s room as the last room to pack

4. Reserve one smaller box for a few of the child’s favorite toys and do not tape shut, this allows them to get to their toys in the meantime. And if you can, be sure to keep their box of “favorites” with your child on moving day

5. Even a child as young as three-years can help wrap fragile toys in newspaper, linens, or paper towels to avoid damages from occurring

6. Kids find comfort in claiming what is theirs. After the child packs their box full of their  favorite toys, allow them to decorate the box with colorful crayons and stickers and put their name on the top

7. If possible, let your child see their new room weeks in advance and talk to the child about how and where they will put their toys in their new space

8. Prior to packing, let the child sort through their toys and donate the toys that they no longer use to an organization (Good Will, Salvation Army, etc) perhaps a special friend.

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