Few Moves Announces 10% Military Discount

We are grateful for our service men and women and all they do. We are delighted to be able to offer all active Military and their spouses a 10% off their move ($100 maximum discount) toward packing, moving, unpacking and staging.

In addition to our free quote service, Few Moves Moving Company is excited to now offer a 10 percent military discount for all active members of the military and their spouses who plan to move to another home or business whether it be in and around the Leland/Jacksonville/Wilmington, North Carolina area or cross Country.

While those living on base must use a contracted moving company to move on and off base, those living off base have the option of choosing their own moving company when relocating to another off-base residence. By obtaining a free quote and taking advantage of our 10 percent military discount, we hope to minimize some of the expense and stress of your moving experience–especially for those who have a spouse overseas.

Don’t Like the Idea of Packing and Unpacking All Your Stuff? Then–Don’t!

We have everything you need–sturdy boxes, heavy-duty packing tape and the expertise to carefully pack your items so that they arrive at their destination safe and sound. What’s even better is that we’ll also unpack your valuables once we carry them into your new home. With us doing all the work for you, moving into a new home will feel like you never really moved. All you have to do is simply walk out one door and through another door–the door to your new home. Learn more here.


Sometimes Your Stuff Needs Its Own Temporary Personal Space

Moving to another residence has a way of revealing just how much stuff we have accumulated. If you find your new place doesn’t have enough room to comfortably hold all your stuff, don’t despair. We can help with that also by providing immediate access to local storage facilities who partner with us to accommodate customers needing a safe environment in which to store their items. Our guys at Few Moves Moving Company will be more than happy to help you move and store bulky or heavy items in storage units that offer affordable rates and comprehensive insurance policies, if necessary.

If you are an active military member moving off-base to a new home, call us today at 910-512-6999 or request your free quote online, 10 percent discount and a lot of great help from a bunch of great guys! We are fully licensed and insured with a long list of happy clients.