How to Minimize Moving Stress when Relocating for a New Job

In today’s tight job market, you often have to go where the jobs are and many people make big moves just to land that dream job. Relocating is a little scary for anyone but it doesn’t have to be stressful or ultimately, the worst experience of your life. Here are some relocation tips we at a Few Moves Moving Company have found to be helpful for people moving to another city or state:

  • Ask your new employer if their company offers relocation assistance. Some businesses provide help with moving costs and finding an appropriate place to live, either temporarily or permanently. Also, your moving expenses may be tax deductible–always a good thing to find out!
  • Before starting the big move, take the time to visit your new environment. Familiarize yourself with streets, location of grocery and department stores and whether your new home offer public transportation. Do some shopping around the area to find out how much things cost so that you can make any necessary adjustments to your budget before moving.
  • If possible, start decluttering your life several weeks before you relocate. And by decluttering, we don’t mean throwing out one pair of shoes you’ve had for ten years or tossing a few half-empty bottles of shampoo in the trash. We mean really decluttering! Hire a professional organizer if you have trouble letting go of useless stuff because the less stuff you have to move, the less stress you’ll have when moving.
  • Relocating with children adds a little extra work to moving so start researching schools, doctors and daycare centers (if applicable) well ahead of time. Gather all the documents needed to enroll kids in a new school and don’t pack them with your other stuff. Instead, carry them in an envelop with you so you won’t be up past midnight searching for them in all those unpacked boxes.

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Finally, let us take the stress, worry and work out of relocating by making sure your items arrive at their destination on time and in tact. With Few Moves Moving Company taking control of your move, you’ll be able to start your new job anywhere in the Continental United States with a smile and a good night’s sleep.