6 Services You Didn’t Know Moving Companies Offer

If you’re wondering how to solve a moving problem, ask your moving company first. Experienced movers have seen it all and will have the perfect solution for you! In fact, your moving company may offer professional services you never knew about. After all, they do this every day.

Here are a few examples of services you might not know moving companies offer:

1. Your Moving Company Can Do Your Packing and Unpacking

If you’ve ever spent three weeks wrapping fragile items, heavy items, and items you wish weren’t packed away yet, you’ll be glad to hear your moving company can do the packing for you, and quickly!

  • Professional movers like Few Moves Moving Company have the expertise and resources to safely and carefully pack your belongings.
  • While your items are in our care, they are covered by four insurance policies to cover damage.
  • Packing and unpacking services are surprisingly affordable—and fast!

2. Safe Handling for Special Items

Custom packaging services are available for unusual items that need extra care in moving. Just tell your movers what’s needed, and they can offer special handling services for:

  • Fragile items
  • Collections
  • Special electronics
  • Pianos
  • Art
  • Antiques

3. Moving Companies Can Help with Storage Solutions, Too

Sometimes your new house isn’t ready by the time you must vacate the old one. What a mess! But your moving company has seen it before and knows what to do.

  • Moving companies such as Few Moves partners with local storage facilities to get you great rates on secure, climate-controlled storage for your belongings
  • To store property offsite from your business or residence, call Few Moves.
  • Move your belongings in and out of storage without worry—Few Moves Moving Company will package your items securely, and they’re covered while in our care under our comprehensive insurance.

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4. Packing Supplies Simplifies Moving Day

If you decide to pack yourself, make sure your items are packed securely with packing supplies from Few Moves Moving Company. We offer:

  • Cardboard moving boxes in all sizes
  • Dish packs
  • Bubble wrap and stretch wrap
  • Wrapping paper
  • Packing tape

5. Eco-Boxes for the Greenest Move (Only at Few Moves)

To reduce your carbon footprint while moving, try eco-boxes! This cheaper, environmentally friendly box is a safe way to move your belongings.

  • Rent eco-boxes—reusable plastic moving crates—and there’s no cardboard waste after your move
  • This green service is incredibly popular on the West Coast
  • Few Moves is the ONLY company in Wilmington or Raleigh offering eco-boxes

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6. Hopefully They Offer On Site and Custom (not automated) Estimates

Many popular moving companies make estimates with an automated computer system or office worker but you should make sure whoever is providing the quote has moving experience. For larger jobs, it may make more sense to have an on site estimate for accuracy.

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Have a Moving Problem? We Have Solutions!

Whatever your moving dilemma, give Few Moves Moving Company a call today at (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh or (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington. We’re sure to be able to offer a fast, affordable solution for your moving needs.