Moving Cross Country from Raleigh, NC? Our Clean Cut Movers Can Help!

A cross-country move can bring a lot of worries with it. You can’t just drive across town and meet with people face-to-face. You have to change so many little things, from your pharmacy to your utilities, and you have to handle all the details remotely. But with Few Moves Moving Company in Raleigh, NC, one of the things you won’t have to worry about is your moving company.

Whether you’re moving into Raleigh or leaving the City of Oaks behind, Few Moves Moving Company is dedicated to making your move as easy as a move across town. With Few Moves, you’re not just hiring muscle. You’re hiring experience, intelligence, and dedication.

Why Choose Us for Your Cross Country Moving Company?

The Best Cross Country Moving Company in Raleigh NC

Few Moves has all the assets to make your move as fluid as possible. Our clean, modern trucks make long-distance moves safe and reliable. The trucks and equipment are customized to make your particular move a success.

We provide moving and packing supplies that will fully protect your valuable belongings. Don’t worry—we make sure everything is used properly in order to avoid scratches. And that brings us to our most valuable asset—our people.

There is no better team of professional movers anywhere across the continental U.S. From the beginning, with our staff that helps you make the schedules and arrangements, to the young, energetic, strong men who carry your valuable belongings, we take pride in our hardworking, professional staff. And our team stays with you every step of the way, so the same movers who packed and loaded your things are the ones who carry them into your new home, no matter how far away.

Protecting Your Assets During a Cross Country Move to or from Raleigh NC


Because our team of movers is clean-cut, professional, full-time staff who take pride in their work, your assets have special protection during a move. That means we take extra care with your home as well as your possessions. When Few Moves Moving Company arrives for your cross country move, we protect your floors with runners. There won’t be any traffic and scuff marks left behind. We use clean moving blankets and stair rail protectors to prevent bumps and bruises to your doors, railings and frames.

Our packers use care and expertise with all of your belongings. For our trained professionals, this is a full-time vocation, not a one-time gig, and they carefully load and organize your items so there will be no unexpected movement during transport. Our team is licensed for long-distance and cross-country moving within the Continental US. And just in case of any unforeseen accidents, we are fully insured by multiple insurance policies.

How We Move Your Belongings Cross Country


First we will schedule an on-site visit and estimate and take an inventory (for moves originating nearby). We’ll discuss your packing needs and figure out how far away your cross country move is in terms of mileage and time. If you need packers, we’ll show up with all the materials required to safely secure your belongings, and we’ll box them up and label them carefully.

On moving day, our team will carefully load our truck and begin the journey to your new cross-country home. At your new home, the same professional team that loaded the truck will be there to unload it. We’ll already be familiar with the tags and labels. We can even, if you like, unpack your belongings and set up your new home or office.

Call and ask us about your cross country move at 919-999-6201 or request your free estimate.