7 Tips for Moving Cross-Country That Will Save Time and Frustration

When you make a cross-country move, there’s no turning back for items you forgot. If the power’s not on in your new place, you’ll be eating by candlelight. Make your cross-country move easier and avoid unpleasant surprises by following our tips.

1. Make a Cross-Country Checklist

Put every task on a master checklist. This can be electronic or paper, but everyone in your family needs access to the list so they can see what tasks are done and what’s not.

Not sure what you’ll need on your master checklist? We have a checklist plan that starts 8 weeks in advance of your move.

2. Make an Inventory of Your Belongings

An inventory is a great rainy-day chore for early on in your cross-country moving preparations. Look over all your belongings, taking special note of large, heavy, delicate, and expensive items. This will help when you request a quote from your moving company, and you can address any difficult moving issues early.

3. Choose the Best Time to Move

Everyone wants to move in the summer, on a weekend at the end of the month! You may get a better deal if you can be more flexible with your timing.

4. Book Movers Early for Your Cross-Country Move

Get quotes from several moving companies, and be sure to compare what they are offering. Beware of cut-rate movers with untrained day labor and no references. Choose a reputable, licensed mover (like Few Moves Moving Company) with plenty of insurance and a detailed quote.

5. Pare Down Your Stuff Before You Pack

Before you move all your belongings across the country, see how much you can get rid of. Keep the crucial or beloved items and find another home for the rest. You’ll save money by moving less stuff. You may even make a little cash for moving expenses by selling off the rest!

6.  Plan Your Cross-Country Trip

This is probably not the time for an open-ended vacation drive but we do have some recommendations for a cross country sightseeing route when going West from Wilmington NC. Decide in advance how far you will drive each day, and book a room for the night. Too many weary cross-country travelers have pushed on to the next town only to find all hotel rooms booked by a big convention. If you have a dog, make sure your hotel allows pets.

7.  Keep a Smile Ready

Glitches happen; be ready for them. An attitude of flexibility and c’est la vie will carry the day during a cross-country move.

Few Moves Moving Company is your full-service moving company for cross-country, local, and all long-distance moves. With a great team and a great track record, we’re here to make your move as easy and efficient as possible. Call Few Moves today at (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh or (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington to discuss your cross-country move, or request a quote online.