Tips for Moving Long Distance with Kids

Setting out on a journey with kids can be an adventure—or a trial. Do your best to make your long-distance move fun by preparing in advance. Here are some tips for moving long distance with kids large and small:

Take Plenty of Pictures

The best way to start on any adventure is to treat it like an adventure, so take a lot of photos and videos! Start by having kids say goodbye to the old place, and commemorate every roadside attraction and family event (like lunch) with pictures. Bigger kids can operate the camera or phone and compose a written narration. Once you’re in your new home, create a scrapbook of your trip.

Pack Essential Snacks

Kids get hungry quickly, and let’s face it, parents don’t mind a snack either. If you don’t want to stop for meals every few miles, pack a selection of food including healthy snacks and sandwiches. Fresh fruit, popcorn, trail mix, and cold beverages are popular. One tip: Omit chocolate, which has a tendency to melt and get ground into the car seats.

Have a Moving Day Stash for Each Kid

Each child should have a small bag for essentials such as a change of clothes, a toothbrush, and personal essentials like teddy bears and books. A washcloth and towels are great for freshening up before the next leg of the journey. If the trip will be overnight, pajamas help make it seem more homelike.

Mom and dad will want to keep a bag with hand wipes, paper towels, and tissues.

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Overnight Trips are Easier

Bedtime can be the best time for a long-distance trip. Tuck your pajama-ed little ones into their car seats and have some coffee! Cranky, restless kids want to stop a lot, but once they’re asleep, you can really put some miles under the wheels. Do get rest beforehand and have lots of water, coffee, and snacks, and make frequent brief pit stops to keep alert.

Entertainment is Essential

Entertainment depends on the age of the kids, but here are some ideas:

  • Road games like 20 Questions and I Spy
  • Stuffed animals
  • Coloring and activity books with washable crayons and markers
  • Dollar store toys
  • Books
  • Books on tape
  • Apps on the phone or tablet (remember to pack the charger)
  • Movies
  • Plenty of blankets and pillows
  • A playlist of favorite songs

Enlist older kids in the entertainment plans, and try to remember that distraction works better than murder, with much less jail time.

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