How Much Does It Cost to Move An Entire House?

One of the best preparations you can make for moving is estimating what your move will cost. Avoid an unpleasant surprise by doing appropriate research, establishing your needs, and getting an accurate quote before moving day.

There are many factors that go into determining how much it will cost to move an entire house.

Here are some considerations:

Is it a Local or Long-Distance Move?

Moving long distance adds costs to your move such as mileage, time, and possibly storage. Most moving companies calculate long-distance moves by weight and distance rather than by the hour.

It’s especially important in the case of long-distance moves to get a a written estimate from actual movers and not an automated estimate from a computer system or office workers.

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Does Your Moving Company have Credibility and Experience?

Experience counts when moving your household belongings! Experienced movers can save you money (and stress) by organizing your move. You want professional, affordable movers who have a track record of success.

  • Check reviews before you book a moving company, and make sure they are fully licensed and insured. A cheap moving company is usually cheap for a reason possibly damaging your belongings, not having proper licenses and insurance, counting on day laborers, and the list goes on.
  • *Few Moves has over 300 online reviews.

What are Your Moving Requirements?

What you need to move makes all the difference in your moving costs. Take these considerations into account:

  • The size of your home determines how much you will need to move. Furnishings for extra rooms take up room in the truck, too.
  • Specialty items may need to be handled differently. Antiques, pianos, pool tables, and special electronics fall into this category.
  • Access to your new and old home. Stairs, elevators, and long walks slow down movers.
  • To save money on your move, downsize ahead of timeThe fewer items you need to move, the less expensive it is to move.

Do you Need Packing or Other Services?

Ask about the cost of having your moving company pack for you, unpack for you, or both. Materials are usually included in this cost, so deduct what it would cost for you to buy the materials before you decide to do it yourself. And don’t forget to factor in your time.

Storage costs can add up—check with your movers to see if they have specials for short-term storage.

Watch Out for Lowball Estimates

Beware of lowball estimates that may be padded later. If you get an offer that’s much lower than others, it could be a sign of fraud.

A moving company should do a thorough estimate which includes:

  • An inventory of your belongings
  • Notes about specialty items or access difficulties
  • Pricing for any additional services such as packing or unpacking

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