Packing With Cats – If I Fits I Sits

There is no denying the abundance of cats on the internet

According to a study by mobile network Three, internet users share more than twice as many online cat pictures than selfies. More than 3.8 million feline photos and clips are shared each day and that more than 350,000 cat owners have set up an account on Twitter or Facebook or other social networks for their pet.

Our favorite “cat trend”  we’ve seen showing up are these furry friends inside cardboard boxes with the caption “If I Fits, I Sits.” Moving boxes, shoe boxes, shipping boxes…and we think it’s HILARIOUS.

When preparing for a move, maybe keep a few packing boxes around find out if your cat likes boxes as much as these do. If you need movers or moving boxes, give Few Moves a call.

“If I Fits, I Sits” A compilation of cats & cardboard…

Why Humans don’t race cats…

Are there enough?

Cat Truth #256 – The number of boxes should equal or exceed the number of cats!

In case you were wondering how to catch a cat…

How to Catch a Cat!

Oh, and they can be sassy too

Sneaky Cat Logic

Kitty’s probably dreaming of a bigger box


 Big Box for a Big Cat



Save your moving boxes and give your cat the greatest gift ever!

 I don’t think they FedEx these


Kitty’s dark and quite place


 How Many Sits?

Cats Moving

We Can Still See You

Cats Moving

No really, all cats love cardboard boxes

Yes, that’s a cat in there. She Fits.

A Sophisticated Sit


Oh, I Fits.


Vet said they needed more exercise

Just Whatch How Good I Can Sits

Cats Moving

No Returns Accepted

Cats Moving

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