Pro Tips For Staying Healthy During Your Move

Stress, weather, nutrition, hydration—there are a lot of pressures on your body when you’re moving. It’s tough to stay healthy during a move because your body responds to how it’s treated and when your immune system is down, you make yourself vulnerable for sickness and fatigue.

You can stay healthy by being kind to your body even during the most stressful of times. Take a few minutes a day before, during, and after your move to take care of yourself with these helpful tips.

Stay Hydrated for Optimum Health During Your Move

Who wants to take the time to sip water when we’re so busy? But the consequences of forgetting to stay hydrated can be severe. Losing only 1 or 2 percent of body weight in sweat speeds heart rate and reduces muscle function and temperature regulation. On hot days, it’s easy to lose much more than this.

Keeping hydrated keeps energy levels up. Water, coconut water, and Gatorade are good choices; avoid soda. And to keep electrolytes and sugar levels up, add a sports bar, a banana, or some salty pretzels.

Eat Carefully During Your Move

Especially during moving days, your body needs fuel, and carbs are quick fuel. This isn’t the time to diet; eat as if you were feeding your body for a workout or a race.

Pack a small cooler for food and drinks so you have good choices on hand during your move. Include healthy, nutritious snacks like jerky, protein bars, fruit, yogurt, and cheese.

If You Fail to Snooze, You Lose

Get plenty of sleep during your move to stay healthy. Your immune system can’t fight off viruses and bacteria as well if you’re exhausted. The physical demands of moving mean you’re going to have to rest, and taking a little time to do that before or during your move will pay off in the end.

Dress for the Weather During Your Move

Weather extremes put additional pressure on your body, especially when you’re on a deadline. On cold days, wear gloves, hats, and light layers that allow you move. Remove a layer as you (and the day) warm up. For hot days, dress lightly, and have some ice and cold rags nearby to help cool off.

Keep Sick People Away During Your Move

Because your immune system is under pressure, you’re more susceptible to catching illnesses when you’re moving. Ask sick friends and relatives to stay home. If your family is sick, see if they can rest somewhere out of the way during your move. If all else fails, wash your hands relentlessly to help prevent contagion.

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