How to Protect Your Identity When Moving

Moving can be a chaotic time, and your best-laid plans can go astray. One thing you don’t want to lose track of, though, is your private identity information—that can cause you no end of trouble and expense. Take extra care to protect your identity when moving with these tips from the experts.

Monitor Personal Documents

When packing to move, pay special attention to documents that have personal identifying information. Paper that have your date of birth, driver’s license number, social security number, and bank account numbers should be put in a locked box or filing cabinet that you can monitor or move yourself.

When discarding documents, shred anything with identifying information. Even if you have others pack your household belongings, attend to these papers yourself for peace of mind.

Change Your Address Promptly

With the rush of moving, it’s easy to forget something like sending in your change address card to the post office. But you don’t want private mail piling up in your old mailbox after you’re gone! Set aside time three weeks before your move to change your address with the post office, banks, your employer, your doctor, and any credit card companies.

Exercise Caution with Your Identity

When you apply for an apartment, a mortgage, or new utilities, use caution when giving out information by phone. It’s common for companies to ask for information that may not be essential. Don’t give out your social security number or credit card or bank information unless you have called the person in question and are sure they are who they say they are. To safeguard your identity, you can also use a third-party account like PayPal.

Review Credit Cards after Your Move

For added security, take a careful look at bank and credit card statements for a couple of months after you move. Look for suspicious charges, even small ones, and any newly opened accounts. If you have questions, call your bank immediately to head off possible identity theft.

Hire Trustworthy Movers

Don’t hire a fly-by-night moving company that may hire day laborers or others who are not accountable. Protect your identity by employing fully licensed and insured moving companies like Few Moves Moving Company. Our professional movers take pride in their work—that’s how they support their families. Few Moves is a company you can trust.

Check online reviews and make sure your moving company has a transparent contract with no hidden fees, as Few Moves does.

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