Raleigh NC Moving and Packing Supplies

You’re getting ready to move, and you’ve decided to do the packing yourself. This is a great way to save on moving costs! But be sure to do it right—you don’t want your prized possessions damaged from careless packing. If you are not up for a DIY move, our crew can come on site and determine the packing supplies you need and do the packing for you!

Here are a few tips to get you started packing for your move.

What Boxes Will I Need?

It can be hard to estimate the number of boxes needed, but start with this for a 6-room home:

  • 20 small moving boxes
  • 11 medium moving boxes
  • 10 large moving boxes
  • 4 extra-large moving boxes
  • 1 electronics box

You can pick up small boxes at liquor stores (great for dishes and books) or grocery stores. Many people prefer to buy an assortment of boxes, which are a uniform size and easy to stack. Few Moves sells boxes of all sizes at a competitive price.

Depending on your belongings, you may need specialty boxes for unusual items. Artwork and mirror boxes can protect your art, glass, and frames. Lamp boxes in all sizes can keep delicate lamps and shades from damage. And be sure to pack your papers carefully in file boxes to save sifting through everything later.

Stock Up on Packing Supplies

You might find it easy to use newspaper, but it will mark your glassware. You can get unprinted newsprint paper instead to wrap fragile items. Get lots of rolls of packing tape and several permanent box markers like Magic Markers or Sharpies.

Few Moves Moving Company stocks all the items you’ll need to wrap your household goods, including:

  • dish packs,
  • packing tape,
  • wrapping paper,
  • bubble wrap,
  • stretch wrap,
  • and more.

Choose Some Nice-to Have Accessories

You may consider some of these essential, while others can pass them by. These are our favorite packing accessories:

  • A tape dispenser: If your packing tape doesn’t have its own cutter, you will be glad to have one of these.
  • Packing peanuts: These are a love-’em-or-hate-’em item. They save packing time.
  • Box cutter: Keep it with the tape to keep it handy.
  • Foam: For extra protection for breakables.
  • Stretch wrap: Keeps awkward items together, such as garden tools.
  • Labels: “Fragile” and “This end up” are handy notations.

If, after considering all that goes into packing, you’re wondering if you should let the professionals do it, you’re not alone. Your time is valuable and it might be worth the extra cost of asking your movers to pack your valuable belongings—it might buy you some peace of mind. Few Moves Moving Company’s professional movers are trained in packing and fully insured against all damage.


Whether you need packers or just movers, whether you’re moving across town or across the country, Few Moves is ready to help. We always quote a fair price with NO hidden fees. Let us create a customized moving plan tailored to your needs and budget. Call Few Moves today at (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington, NC or (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh to talk about your moving needs.