Questions to Ask Your Raleigh NC Moving Company

It’s the best of times and the worst of times—it’s time to move. Whether you’re moving your home or your business, it’s a very exciting experience that can also be stressful. Asking a few key questions of your Raleigh, NC moving company can help you prepare for smooth sailing on moving day.

A quality moving company makes your move easier in many ways. The trick is to figure out which moving companies you can trust and which will take you for a ride. A good moving company (such as Few Moves Moving Company in Raleigh, NC) has the professionals and resources to move your things efficiently and safely.

To choose the best moving company for your move in Raleigh, NC ask these questions:

Is Your Raleigh NC Moving Company Licensed and Insured?

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Find out if you’re dealing with a legitimate company by asking your Raleigh, NC moving company about licenses. Many people try to make a quick buck as a low-cost moving service. You might see college kids with a rented truck, or a Craigslist post that seems too good to be true.

But all moving companies operating in North Carolina are regulated by the North Carolina Utilities Commission. Moving companies legally allowed to operate in the state are listed in a PDF. You can get a copy here. You will find Few Moves Moving Company on page 3.

What About Staff of Your Raleigh NC Moving Company?

Who will be moving your prized possessions? Will it be a trained professional or someone who’s never wiggled a desk through a doorway? Ask these questions of your Raleigh, NC moving company:

  • Do you use temporary workers or day laborers?
  • Is your staff subject to background checks?
  • What kind of training has your staff received?

At Few Moves Moving Company, our highly trained professional movers take lots of pride in what we do. Collins Small is general manager of our Raleigh, NC, office. We’re so proud of our gys, we’ve put all of them on the website.


Do you have insurance?

Protect your goods in the event of damage! Always ask your Raleigh, NC, moving company:

  • Are you insured? By whom?
  • What exactly does your insurance cover?
  • How do I submit a claim if something goes wrong?

At Few Moves Moving Company, we’re always happy to take the time to answer your questions and explain our insurance coverage, how it protects you, and how you can file a claim if the need arises. Keep in mind when you ask these questions of any Raleigh, NC moving company that the harder it is to get answers, the harder it will be to use insurance if it’s needed.

Are there any hidden fees?

Be sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Sorry to say, but Few Moves sees misleading quotes all the time. Minimum charges, truck rental fees, oversized items fees, travel time fees, fuel surcharges, and more can really inflate the true price you pay.

To understand all of the charges you’ll have to pay for, be sure to ask your Raleigh, NC moving company:

  • Does your Raleigh, NC moving company charge by the piece or by the hour?
  • What is your minimum charge?
  • If the company bills by the hour, is it in 5-minute or 15-minute increments?
  • Are there any extra fees for oversized items like pianos or large TVs?
  • Are there extra fees for moving things up several flights of steps?
  • Do you charge extra for moves in the evening or on weekends?
  • What about travel out of the area—are there fees or fuel surcharges for leaving town?
  • Are there any other fees I should know about?

According to the North Carolina Utilities Commission, moves that are 35 miles and less are charged an hourly rate. Moves over 35 miles are charged based on the weight of the shipment and the miles between origin and destination. Few Moves Moving Company always follows these rules.

Do you require a deposit?

Finally, question your Raleigh, NC moving company about these details:

  • Can I get a free estimate?
  • Can I get a free on-site estimate?
  • Is there a cancellation policy?
  • Who can I call if something goes wrong?

Reputable moving companies like Few Moves in Raleigh, NC will happily provide you with this information.

At Few Moves Moving Company, we love to answer your questions about moving in Raleigh, NC. We’re licensed, insured, and employ highly trained professional movers. And we also have the fairest rates in the business with no hidden fees.

Call and ask us about your move at 919-999-6201 or request your free estimate!