Raleigh NC’s Clean Cut Movers – Meet the Few Moves Crew

The best part of moving with Few Moves Moving Company in Raleigh, NC is working with our guys! Our great team of professional movers takes pride in the work we do. And that means doing things the way they should be done—the best way.

Get It Right from the Start

Few Moves Moving Company began when owner, Travis Few, was in college. He made friends with a group of clean-cut young men who were looking for work after graduation. Travis delivered furniture part-time for an antique shop and thought: Here is an opportunity for all of us.

Once he graduated, Travis established Few Moves Moving Company. He pulled in friends with a strong work ethic who believed in teamwork, hard work and integrity. With training in proper packing and moving techniques, this has become a professional crew that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

An Established Moving Company Takes Pride in Their Work


We’re different from other moving companies! We never hire day laborers or untrained college kids looking for pickup money. Our guys make their living and support their families by working as excellent movers on a professional team, and we take pride in our work. When you hire us to move your belongings, you know our crew will do the best possible job.

And we do our best work at a fair price. There are no hidden fees at Few Moves, and you get great value for your money. Unlike many moving companies, we’re fully licensed and insured. We carry four different insurance policies to ensure that your belongings are safe

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Our Crew Uses Best Moving Practices


We use industry best practices to protect your belongings and your home. That means we pack carefully with proper materials, and we use clean furniture padding and clean moving blankets to wrap larger pieces. We protect your new and old house with floor runners, door protectors, and stair rail protectors. It’s all part of doing the best job we can.

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Meet Our Clean Cut Crew of Raleigh NC Movers


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You’ll be happy to meet our young, energetic, strong, well roudned team.

Our General Manager for ur Raleigh NC Moving Company is Collins Small who will help you through the process of bidding for the job to making sure everything went as planned afterward.

If you’re moving in Raleigh, NC, or are moving to or from Raleigh, the Few Moves crew is standing by to help. Let us pack, load, transport, and unpack all of your stuff so you don’t have to. Call Few Moves Moving Company today at (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh, NC to tell us about your needs, or request a quote online. We look forward to meeting you!