Six Hacks for Your Tiny Closet

Congratulations–you found just the right new home! It has the location, the view, the kitchen you want. But it has one big drawback: tiny closets. What can you do?

At Few Moves Moving Company, we’ve seen our share of small closets. Maybe it’s a charming older home or maybe you just want to make the most out of minimal closet space. Either way, you have plenty of options!

Here are six hacks to make the best use of space in your small closets.

Get rid of things you don’t need. Be generous

It’s natural to want to save things. But why move boxes full of items that will only end up being donated later? Instead, sell these items, donate them to charity or give away to friends. Many people will actually take photos of things they don’t want to part with to help ease the transition.

Look online for organizing ideas

You’re not the only one with a tiny closet, so look online for ideas. You can see how others have reworked their small closets at Pinterest, HGTV, in magazines, or in a YouTube closet tour.

Use a storage system—or two

Whole industries are devoted to making the most of your storage space, so try out some of the best.

  • Storage cubes in all sizes and colors can hold socks, sweaters, and shoes, etc., and you can get bins to fit in the cubes and store smaller items.
  • Wire shelving makes the most of every inch of your closet space by adding shelves and racks.
  • A shoe rack at the back of the closet may be just the right thing. If you need to hang lots of clothes, try multilevel hangers.
  • Fabric hanging shelves can be hung from the rod and can store folded clothes or shoes.

Over the door, under the bed

Make a little more room for shoes, scarves or jewelry with a rack that hangs over or inside the door of your small closet. Wide drawers made from fabric or plastic on wheels make the most of otherwise-wasted space under the bed.

For visual appeal

Decorative storage bins, fabric bags, baskets, and boxes will brighten the dark corners of your tiny closet, make things easier to find, and they’ll stoke the spirit when you peek inside. Have fun with your small closet!

Get Closet Organizers Ready Before you Move

Measure your closets before you move, and if possible, set up your new place before you move in. If not, you can easily unpack one more box of closet organizers that will make the rest of the unpacking a cinch.

Whether the closets in your new home are spacious or cramped, Few Moves Moving Company offers services to make your move as smooth as possible. Ask us for a free quote, or call (910) 512-6999 today to find out more.