Spring Cleaning 101 for Faster Home Sales

Throw open the windows and air out the house—it’s time for spring cleaning!

If your home is up for sale this spring, you’ll want to spend time on the spring cleaning tasks that have the most curb appeal and home-staging payback. We’ve picked out a few of the best tips for our Spring Cleaning 101 crash course. Concentrate on these areas and reap the home sales rewards!

Plant Flowers to Brighten Your Yard

Don’t be a drive-by! Head to the local nursery and spend a few dollars on flowers to brighten the yard. Even before the grass greens up, a few pansies or snapdragons add color and make your home look cared for. Some brightly colored pots add punch and can be moved around. Expect to change out cool-season flowers for those that tolerate heat as the season progresses.

Put Your Best Foot Forward with a Front Door Update

A fresh coat of paint in a bright color gives your front door a friendly first impression. Add a new welcome mat and scrub up the nearby windows.

Clean Gutters for Better Drainage

Winter may have dumped debris in your gutters, clogging them up just as spring rains start to fall. Get your gloves on and clean the gutters so the runoff keeps moving in the right direction. This one really makes your yard look tidy!

Replace Filters on the Air Conditioning

One week you have the heat on—the next it’s the air conditioning, right? Change your filters now for both. Your indoor air will smell fresher and you’ll be all ready when that extra-warm day comes.

Clean Your Grill and Grill Cover

Spiff up these winter-weary appliances so they’re ready for warm-weather cookouts and look inviting when potential buyers stop by. A little dish soap and a hose make short work on a vinyl grill cover.

Invest in Solar Lights

If buyers drive by to see your home in the night, make sure to put your best foot forward. Inexpensive solar lights leading to your entry are inviting, and so is a spotlight on an attractive feature of your house.

Outdoor Furniture Needs Sprucing Up, Too

A scrub brush and some dish soap with clean up dusty patio furniture in no time, showing off your spring yard to potential buyers. New cushions or throw pillows will brighten up everything.

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