Staying Organized: How to Label Moving Boxes Like a Boss

Moving to a new house is an experience that naturally brings lots of emotions with it. The entire process – from attending open houses to putting in an offer to closing – can be exhausting. By the time you actually start to pack, you just might feel a little overwhelmed, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Staying organized can help save you time and mental anguish. Up your organizational game and learn how to label your moving boxes like a boss.

Start with a Number

As you pack each box, assign it a number, and write this number on the top as well as at least two sides of the box. Use a good-quality, waterproof marker. Labeling each box with a number is going to have two benefits. One, you’ll know exactly how many boxes you packed so you’ll know if you are missing one (or two!) when you load/unload the moving truck.

Create a Master List of Box Contents

The second benefit to labeling each box with a number is that you can create a master list. Grab a notebook and list the contents of each box. Most people write a few key items on the box only, but creating this master list is key to keeping your moving day sanity -especially when you need to know which box has the Pilsner glasses.

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Color Code Your Boxes

In addition to labeling each box with a number, use a color-coded label to indicate the final destination of each box. Before you start unloading the truck at your new house, go around the house and stick a corresponding sticky note to each room – so when your movers (or friends… ) unload your boxes, they’ll know exactly where each box is headed.

Pack a Moving Essentials Box


Pack your “unpacking essentials” in your car, not the moving truck. This box should contain the items you’ll need right away: scissors, hammer, screwdriver, garbage bags, a few basic cleaning products, paper towels, hand soap, and toilet paper. Keep some bottled water and snacks on hand too.

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One last tip:

Photocopy (or take a picture on your phone) of your master content list.

Moving to a new house is always a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to breeze through your move.