How To Throw An Epic Moving Party

The best time to throw an epic (and that’s epic, as in an erupting volcano, growing a beard that reaches the floor or the latest Hobbit movie) moving party is the week before you actually move out and only the bare essentials remain in your home. You’ll not only have plenty of space to cram as many friends and family (keep them in the rooms without carpet or in the back yard to avoid a labor intensive cleanup) as possible but won’t have to worry about anything bad happening to your stuff.

Party Decor

With your residence cleared of all your clutter, you can now re-clutter it with party items–streamers, balloons (the fun kind filled with helium, not human air), card tables, folding chairs and most importantly, a temporary bar. If you party is truly epic, you’ll hire a bartender who knows how to mix cool drinks and entertain everybody with his or her bartending skills.

Party Food

Load a table with food–everything from skewered fruit and cheese chunks to peanuts, trail mix and pretzels. Put Dixie cups next to the bowls of dry snack food so guests can just scoop out a cupful when they feel the urge to snack. Cold cut trays and condiments (relish, mustard, etc.) are always popular foods at moving parties. Don’t forget the buns! Use plastic trays and utensils to make for easy clean-up afterward.

Party Music

The genre of background music you choose for your epic moving party can make or break its legendary epicness. Of course, music choice depends solely on guest preference (reserve rap for people you know like rap) but it’s probably best to play it safe by filling the festive night air with fun, funky tunes of the 80’s, 90’s and today. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with such classics as We Got the Beat by the GoGos,Whip It by Devo or Working for the Weekend by Loverboy.

Play Games

This one’s for the older crowd, with the word of the night being gags–gag activities, sight gags and gag gifts. Play games like “Pinning the Hair on the Bald Guy” (replace the donkey with an image of a bald guy) or “Who Has the Worst Case of Arthritis” (have two people stand back to back while holding an egg between their backs. The winning couple is the one who can get the egg into a bowl without breaking it).

Let the epic moving party begin!