How to Move With Art

Protecting your belongings is the most important part of moving. It’s easy enough to wrap dishes, but protecting large artwork during your move can be difficult! Follow our tips below to keep your artwork safe and sound during your move to a new home.

Pack Your Artwork Like a Pro

Professional movers have packing materials designed for artwork, so avail yourself of their services if you can. If you decide to do it yourself, check our step-by-step tips below.

Get the Proper Materials

Don’t pack with newspaper, which can rub off on your hands and artwork. Buy tough kraft paper and boxes that are large enough to hold your wrapped paintings. This will cost a bit, but not as much as replacing or mending damaged art!

Find Reputable Movers to Move Artwork

Do some research on your movers and ask for recommendations and reviews. Your movers should be experienced, licensed, and insured (like Few Moves Moving Company). Don’t ask a fly-by-night operation to move your valuable artwork.

Tell your movers how important this is to you, and they will take extra care to make sure your beloved art makes it to your new house in perfect condition.

Learn to Love Bubble Wrap

When it comes to moving artwork, bigger is better. If you think you could use more bubble wrap, use it. If you need a bigger box, get one—anything to avoid crunched corners and scraped surfaces.

How to Wrap Paintings

  • Lay your painting on a piece of cardboard, and try to handle the cardboard, not the painting.
  • Put tissue paper over the face of the painting and tape the corners—tissue only. Tape tissue to tissue so no tape touches the painting.
  • Wrap bubble wrap or kraft paper around your painting.
  • Add a piece of cardboard to the face of the painting, then more cardboard front and back. Secure with tape.
  • Place the bundle between sheets of corrugated cardboard or wood and tape all together.

Framed artwork can be handled differently.

  • Use corner protectors on each corner.
  • Wrap with bubble wrap and tape.
  • Place between two pieces of hardboard and tape. OR
  • Place in a mirror box and fill with packing peanuts.

Few Moves Moving Company has considerable experience moving artwork safely, and we’re fully licensed and insured. Your artwork will be safe with us!

If you need help with packing and unpacking your valuable artwork, Few Moves Moving Company is the moving company to trust. We have all the materials needed to carefully pack your artwork, and the experience and know-how to do it right.

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