Tips on Childproofing Your Home on Moving Day and After a Move

Life is a little more challenging with a toddler, and that goes double for moving day. If there’s any trouble to get into, little ones will find it, often in surprising ways. You don’t want the rug rats to discover the box cutter as you pack, and you want their new rooms to be safe from the start, so as part of your moving plan, try these childproofing ideas.

Keep track of dangerous items

Anything sharp or poisonous must be safely out of reach on moving day. Set aside a box with medications and kitchen utensils that may be dangerous in the wrong hands. If you have cleaning supplies securely behind childproof safety latches now, keep them there until the very last minute. You can put them in a box in a latched cabinet and move the whole box when you’re ready.

If you have childproofing equipment at your old house, such as covers for electrical outlets and baby gates, keep them in place as long as possible, then do a walk-through and collect them as you leave. This way they’re at hand to install as soon as you hit the new place.

Schedule Your Move for When the Kids Are Busy

If your little ones attend day care or have a regular sitter, schedule your move for that time. It’s helpful to have someone watch them elsewhere if you can, but it’s great to keep to their routine, and it saves on babysitting expenses.

Block Off a Room

Set up a bare-bones room at the new place, ahead of time if possible. Someplace near the action but behind a baby gate can be ideal

Keep Them Busy

A new toy or game can keep kids happy for hours on moving day. Or, even if you usually resist it, turn on the TV or a favorite movie. Electronic babysitters give everyone a break when you’ve got your hands full!

Checklist for Childproofing Your New Home

Once you’re moved, turn your attention to childproofing early. It’s easier to set up safety from the beginning than to go back and retrofit. Buy any needed hardware before the move so it’s just a matter of installation when you get there. Check this list before you go shopping and when you begin your childproofing at your new home:

  • Install locking devices on cabinets
  • Insert plastic locks in electrical outlets
  • Use baby gates at staircases
  • Pad sharp corners on furniture with rubber insulators
  • Secure door handles with a baby-proof grip
  • Install chain locks high on outside doors to prevent unauthorized escapes
  • Lock toilet lids with a special device
  • Secure dangerous furniture, such as bookcases, to the wall with brackets

You and your little ones will be making lots of new memories in your new home. We hope these childproofing tips will keep your moving memories pleasant and make your exciting moving day a safe one.

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