Tips for Packing Clothing Before A Move

It doesn’t seem like much until moving day. Then you wonder how you got such a large wardrobe! Moving clothing can be difficult when it’s not packed properly. But with these tips, your clothing will be packed professionally and come through moving day tidy, fresh, and ready to hang in your new closet.

Clean Out That Closet Before Your Move

First, purge your closet and drawers of outdated or wrong-size clothes. That means there’s that much less to move, and your clothes suddenly have a lot more breathing room.

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Packing an Overnight Bag Before Your Move

Have a small suitcase with a pair of pajamas, toiletries, and the next day’s clothes all set to go. You’ll be pleased with your foresight the first night in your new home.

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Packing Your Suitcase Before Your Move

You’re not moving empty luggage, right? Suitcases are a great way to clean out the dresser drawers, since those items are folded anyway.

Packing Your Shoes in Boxes

A jumble of shoes can damage your dressier footwear, so use some care here. You can wrap shoes in paper or make shoe lasagna: a layer of shoes, then a sheet of cardboard, and repeat. This is a handy way to move purses, too.

Pack Hanging Items in Wardrobe Moving Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are a little pricey, but they can be saved and used for storage, and they do a great job of keeping hanging items in order and wrinkle-free during your move. They’re especially great for dry-clean-only clothing. Don’t over-pack—the boxes will be heavy and clothes will suffer. Light items such as pillows and scarves can fill any extra space in your wardrobe box.

Or Try the Leaf Bag Method

This is easy and works well for clothes you plan to move in the back seat of your car. Take a large garbage bag or leaf bag and lay it flat. In the center of the bottom end, cut a 3-inch hole. In your closet, section off a small number of clothes with hangers—10 or 12 will do—and slip the open end of the bag over. The small hole allows the hangers to poke through. Tie off the loose bag below the clothes. Now you can carry your clothes by their hangers and they will stay clean.

You’re packed! Your clothes should be organized, clean, and ready to unpack in your new home.

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