Top 10 Reasons Denver is a Millennial Magnet

The Mile-High City beckons to people looking for adventure. It’s a perfect spot for sports lovers and people with active lifestyles, but there’s something for everyone in Denver! If you’re considering a move to the Rocky Mountain State, read about the top 10 reasons people are moving to Denver.

1. Denver is a Great Place to Work

Last year Denver won the No. 1 spot in Forbes’ list of the Best Places for Business and Careers. Forbes cited Denver’s diverse economy, educated labor force, and great outdoor recreational opportunities. Companies in the energy, technology, aerospace and healthcare fields are locating in Denver, and that means the city has plenty of good jobs.

2. Biking is Amazing in Denver

Biking is so popular in Denver you don’t even have to own a bike! Denver B-cycle, a city-wide bike sharing system, allows residents to borrow and return bikes from stations all around town. Just buy a pass for a day, a year, or any time in between.

Ride on the Cherry Creek Bike Path, a 40-mile route that begins in downtown Denver and winds its way out to many suburbs. People use the bike path to commute or just for fun.

3. Every Major Sport Has a Denver Team

Get your tickets and get ready to root for the Broncos, Avalanche, Nuggets, or Rockies. There are even two professional lacrosse teams.

4. Taste the Denver Difference

Denver’s a big city with a variety of great dining venues. Southwestern and Mexican are specialties, including the Mexican hamburger, made with green chiles! If you like food trucks, you’ll love the after-hours vendors when the bars let out and the breakfast-burrito sales at your office door each morning.

5. Wash the Chow Down with a Craft Brew

Denver is home to more than 70 craft breweries. Need we say more? Well, there are also two amazing beer events: The Great American Beer Festival and the incredible mix called the Bacon and Beer Festival.

6. Denver Has a Park for Everyone

Parks are specific in Denver.  Denver has every kind of free public park: Parks for dogs, skating, bicycling, kids, hiking trails, gardens, and mountain parks across four counties.

7. Like Music? Red Rocks.

Red Rocks Ampitheater is an incredible music venue for its beauty and acoustics. Seeing a concert at Red Rocks is an experience no matter how often you go, and it’s 20 minutes from Denver.

8. Denver has Great Nightlife

If you’re a night owl, you’ll find plenty to do in downtown Denver. The sidewalks don’t roll up early here as they do in many other cities.

9. Enjoy the Denver Sunshine

Some say Denver enjoys 300 days of sunshine each year. Maybe not quite, but the dry air and frequent sun quickly melt the snowfall, keeping the city streets clear while the ski slopes are still white.

10. The Mountains Take Your Breath Away

Always in view, the foothills of the Rocky Mountains dwarf any eastern mountain range and inspire awe on a daily basis in Denver. Take a drive to Rocky Mountain National Park, with grand mountains, pure wilderness, and amazing wildlife.

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