Top Raleigh Ethnic Food Spots

Eat around the world while you stay right in Raleigh! It’s easy when you try some of Raleigh’s incredible ethnic restaurants. The owners and chefs of these ethnic eateries often grew up eating the food they’re dishing up, so they know their stuff.

Don’t be afraid to venture into an unusual ethnic restaurant in your neighborhood—you may find a real gem, and make some new friends! Or try these top ethnic restaurants in Raleigh:

1. Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

Injera, the traditional Ethiopian bread, is part of every entrée at this Ethiopian hotspot. Berbere, a seasoning prepared from red chili peppers, garlic, and spices, can be addictive!

2. Bankok Thai

This small Thai restaurant draws from all regions of Thailand, just as Bangkok does. This authentic restaurant prides itself on high-quality ingredients with no MSG and no fish sauce, so vegetarians can enjoy it too.

3. Bida Manda

Laotion cuisine is the theme at Bida Manda restaurant and bar. This marriage of Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese cooking is also influenced by French technique. The food and the space are elegant, modern, and fresh.

4. Bu-ku

If your group can’t agree on a cuisine tonight, Bu-ku is the place for you. The Global Street Food is inspired by street vendors around the world, all in a casual fine-dining atmosphere.

5. J Betski’s

J Betski’s features German and Polish cuisine and the beverages of Central and Eastern Europe. The warm design of the bar and dining room bring Old World food to the New South. Pierogoes, kielbasa, and sauerkraut are made with fresh local ingredients.

6. Kadhai, The Indian Wok

Raleigh has 609 restaurants, and was voted Number 3. The prize-winning chef has worked in 27 countries. This beloved eatery serves curries, rice, and tandoori items at a very reasonable price.

7. Kai Sushi & Sake Bar

Kai Sushi & Sake Bar combines classic Japanese, Chinese, and Korean dishes with new and exciting sushi, sashimi, and chirashi creations. This low-key restaurant specializes in sushi rolls and a variety of entrees.

8. Salt & Lime Cabo Grill

Here’s Mexican right from the Baja peninsula, featuring bold, modern, fresh flavors. You’ll find street food and tacos as well as great authentic recipes made from scratch. Don’t miss the margaritas!

9. Sassool Mediterranean Café

Cecilia Saleh, nicknamed “Sassool,” learned to cook traditional Lebanese food from her mother and grandmother. Platters, pies, and pita sandwiches abound at this delicious traditional restaurant.

10. Vic’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

This casual, intimate Italian joint has murals and sidewalk seating, just like the Old Country. Expect Italian favorite and NY-style pizza. The first Wednesday of every month is Wine Dinner Wednesday.

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