How To Understand Your Moving Estimate

As you begin planning your move, you’ll want to start by choosing a moving company. That way you can work with them to game plan your move and avoid unnecessary expenses and duplicating work. It’s great to talk to movers over the phone, but save yourself any surprises by getting a written estimate. No one wants to be surprised on moving day by a bill that’s much higher than the price offered on the phone!

To avoid moving-day surprises and keep costs low, carefully check your moving estimate. Look for these items:

Watch for Hidden Fees

When movers give an estimate over the phone, they’re giving you a ballpark price based on a typical household with your number of rooms. But you may have special needs that will change that estimate considerably. An in-person estimate will be much more accurate.

Is the estimate based on an hourly rate? Is the movers’ travel time to your home included in those hours? Do they charge per mover? Ask about any additional fees that may be charged.


Lowball Prices May Be Too Good to Be True

Enticing estimates may land the job, but if they’re unrealistic, they can leave the customer shortchanged. Some movers skimp on essential services or labor to lower the price and then upcharge you later for standard stuff like adequate padding and wrapping and travel fees.

Read the Reviews Before You Hire Movers

Moving company reviews can make you aware of any suspect charges and give you an idea of the movers’ reputation. Don’t be swayed by one bad review; look for patterns. Most customers should be very happy with their moving company, listing the date of their move and the names of movers they worked with. If there are issues, reviews will alert you to any red flags.

Look for These Items on Your Estimate

A good, accurate estimate will contain:

  • A detailed inventory of your belongings, including furniture and appliances
  • A note of anything that requires special handling, such as a piano or special electronics
  • Any physical conditions such as stairways, elevators, or limited access
  • In a binding estimate, a specific list of what is included

Questions to Ask About Your Estimate

When you’ve read the reviews and are looking over your estimate, ask these questions:

Few Moves Will Give You the Perfect Estimate

At Few Moves Moving Company, we offer free moving consultations and provide you with a custom estimate based on your unique moving needs. That’s how you can be sure you won’t be surprised on moving day. Few Moves always provides:

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  • Trained, clean-cut professional movers
  • Four insurance policies to protect your belongings
  • Long-distance or local moving

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