Unexpected (and Fun) Uses For Leftover Moving Boxes

If you have moved lately to a new home then you probably have a ton of leftover cardboard boxes that you have no idea what to do with. Other they breaking them down to store them in your basement for the next move, here are some other ideas of how to use leftover moving boxes in some unexpected ways.

Make a Cat House: If you have a cat or multiple cats, why not make them a little towering home out of the leftover boxes? You can build it as tall as you would like because cat’s love to climb. Just design it on paper first, so you have an idea of where you would like to go with it. Plus, if you have any leftover carpet squares, you can layer the house with it. Cats go crazy over having a homemade scratching post to play on.

Stair Slide: If you are in a bit of a daredevil mood, and you have kids this is a clever one to attempt. It works best with a wide, strait ahead staircase that is padded or carpeted. Tape large pieces of cardboard box together all the way down your stairs. Grab a few pillows to ride on, and slide away! Hours of fun for you or your kids.

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Halloween Costumes: Want to be a large robot? Cereal box? Box of Crayola Crayons? Airplane? You can be all that and more with leftover cardboard boxes turned into Halloween Costumes. The sky’s the limit here on what you can come up! So think of your ideas first, draw them on paper, and get building. Who doesn’t love a great homemade Halloween getup?

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Playhouse For The Kids: You can truly get creative to make a large structure playhouse that will entertain your little ones for hours on end. Let them get involved in building it, and decorating the outside as well for a true arts and craft project that will delight.


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Recycle or Donate Moving Boxes: Ask around some local charities to see if they could use some donated boxes. Many soup kitchens, or places that collect clothing sometimes need boxes to separate items into. At least they will be going to good use for an organization that needs them. If you’re all done with your boxes, be sure to recycle them versus throwing them in the dumpster.

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