Useful Moving Apps for Your iPhone or Android

Worried about your upcoming move? Let your smartphone come to your rescue! There are dozens of apps that are inexpensive or FREE out there that can help you with the process of organizing your boxes, sending out new address notifications, creating task lists and more.

Sortly Moving App (iOS – Free)

A free app, Sortly helps you track your items using both photos and descriptive labels. You can sort through your most important items, use video to document your items and even attach QR inventory labels to each box. If you’ve ever wondered exactly where you put something after boxing it all up, Sortly can help.


Home Move Pro Moving App (iOS – Free)

Home Move Pro creates an all-inclusive checklist for all your moving needs. It includes packing your materials, the content of your boxes, a to-do list, information about your new home and notes. You can organize all of your items during the process of packing so that you have a reliable inventory and you can even sort through organizations you need to change addresses for.


Moving Checklist Pro (iOS – $0.99, Android – $0.99)

Moving Checklist Pro, available for $0.99, is an easy-to-follow checklist application. Through Moving Checklist Pro, you can create tasks that need to be done including steps that the task requires to complete, making it more robust and versatile than a simple “to do list” application. You can then check off the tasks as they are completed and you can review the entire moving process at once. Moving Checklist Pro is available on both iOS and Android, though it’s known as “Moving Planner” on Android devices.


Moving Day (iOS – Free)

Moving Day is primarily a box organization app that also lets you print labels easily from inside the application. You enter in your personal details and your new home’s address, create an inventory of each box and then print the label to go on the box. As the boxes arrive at your new home, the app allows you to track them by checking them off one by one. You can then consult the app to find the boxes that are empty.


With the useful moving apps, you should be able to easily track all of your items and tasks as you move. Looking for a moving list print? Download the Few Moves Moving Checklist to help you with your home or business move.


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