What Your Raleigh NC Moving Company Needs to Know Before Providing a Quote

You’re getting ready to move, and you’re getting some quotes from moving companies in Raleigh, NC. You already know what questions to ask your movers: Are they licensed? Insured? What about staffing and fees? Etc.

But your moving company will have questions for you, too. Your answers will help movers give you the most accurate quote. The more information you can give them, the fewer surprises there will be for everyone on moving day.

Your Raleigh, NC, moving company will be likely to ask you these questions:

What is your timeline?

First, gather all the basic information about your move. Your Raleigh, NC, moving company will want to know the planned moving date, whether that day is flexible, and what time of day you’d like to move.

What is the distance to your new address?

Give the movers your old and new addresses so they can determine the distance. The cost will vary depending on whether it’s a short jaunt, across town or out of town. If you’re moving items to two locations—for instance, if some things will go into a storage unit—let your movers know when getting your moving quote.

Do you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance?

If one of your belongings is damaged on moving day, it may be covered under your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. This is something you will want to check by calling your Raleigh, NC insurance company. 

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How much moving insurance do you need?

After you find out how much insurance you already have, the Raleigh NC moving company will help you figure out how much additional insurance you might need.

Your moving company should have its own liability coverage too. This might be based on the total weight of your belongings, the assessed value of your belongings, or the full value of replacement. Some valuables might require special handling and extra insurance. The moving company will want to know about any especially valuable items they will be moving.

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Who will do the packing?

Many moving companies in Raleigh will pack your things for you. It can speed things up to do this and it’s less work for you, but it will cost more to have packing service. Let the moving company know if you’d like them to do the packing in Raleigh, NC.

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Is there easy access to your new home or business?

Will the truck be able park at your new apartment building or house in Raleigh, or will movers have to carry your belongings a good distance? What kind of obstacles will movers face at your new or old home? Are there staircases or elevators to navigate? Any information you can supply to your movers will help them plan a safe, trouble-free move.

Offer your information to Raleigh professional moving companies, get their quotes and then compare. You and your moving company will be well prepared to begin your move to your new home.

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