About Few Moves Moving Company in North Carolina

Our Story: From Friends to Professionals

Our Story_ From Friends to Professionals

Few Moves is more than just a company of moving and storage services. It’s a story about friendship, hard work, and entrepreneurship. It all started when our founder, Travis Few, discovered his passion for moving while attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. At that time, he worked in an antique store and learned how to transport those valuable items with the care and attention to detail they deserved. He also met a group of guys who liked to stay in shape and were looking for a way to make an honest living after graduation.

So, in 2009, Travis took what he learned in college, at the antique store, and his committed friends and founded Few Moves Company.

Collaboration, Integrity and Honest Work

We take pride in our work, and our client’s feedback backs it up. The most important thing for us is collaboration, integrity, and honest work, no matter what. We believe in doing things the way they should be done, thanks to the values we learned from our parents and we teach our children. We treat every customer with respect and truthfulness, and we handle every item with care and professionalism.

All our teammates, from the newest man to the senior, are trained and up-to-date with the most efficient proper packing and moving techniques. Besides, we are fully licensed and insured. And while this is the law, you’d be surprised how many moving companies are not. That’s why we have four different insurance policies to stand out from the rest and guarantee our customers the utmost peace of mind. So you can rest assured that your belongings are safe with us. And to ensure you have the best experience, we make a detailed moving plan that fits your needs. We do NOT charge any hidden fees when you hire our services. Whether you need a local or long-distance move, a residential or commercial, or a delivery or storage service, we have you covered.

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Our Values

Teamwork and integrity: We are founded on solid friendships and a shared work ethic. Our partnership, integrity, and determination are fundamental to our identity.

Professionalism and hard work: We are professional movers and are highly trained in packing and moving techniques. We take pride in our work because it is how we support our families.

Reliability and Security: We are fully licensed and insured, with four different insurance policies, to ensure the safety of our customers’ belongings. We believe in fair prices with no hidden charges and are committed to honesty and transparency.

Commitment: In every job, we play our company’s reputation and who we are. Our company name is our founder’s last name, demonstrating a deep personal commitment and confidence in our service and quality.

The "Clean-Cut Movers"

We are not just the other local moving companies. We take pride in our work, and our client’s feedback backs it up. What is most important to us is teamwork, integrity, and ethical position, no matter what. We believe in doing things right and caring for your belongings as if they were our own. That’s why founder Travis Few will be there to serve you personally:

“I Believe So Much In What We Stand For That I Named Few Moves After My Family’s Surname. My Name Is Literally On The Line Each And Every Time We Do A Job.”

Taking Care of It All Since 2009

We have fed our families with hard work for 14 years at Few Moves. We are not day laborers. We are not wet-behind-the-ear college kids looking for beer money. Instead, we are highly trained professional movers who take unbelievable pride in what we do in Wimilgnton, Charlotte, Raleigh, and across the country.

Always Giving More

At Few Moves, ensuring the best experience is our goal, which is why we always:

Work more closely with clients on specific considerations so that all materials are packed, stored, unpacked, and shipped carefully.

Evaluate the full scope of each job beforehand so clients know what costs and logistics to expect before move-in day.

Provide a safe 24/7 moving and storage experience.

Working to tight deadlines to ensure our clients are ready to go when it suits them.

That is why we have established ourselves as one of the best local long-distance moving companies, and our clients always come back to trust our services.