Storage Facilities in Raleigh, Wilmington & Charlotte, NC

How Does Few Moves Storage Work?

On those occasions when you need to store properties outside your residence or business, we are here for you. We partner with local storage facilities that offer great rates for a safe, clean, climate-controlled environment for all your storage needs. Our comprehensive insurance policy will give you the peace of mind you deserve while your belongings are with us.

Few Moves Storage Solutions

Need flexibility with your move? You can enjoy utilizing our on-site storage facility during renovations, downsizing, and transitional living between homes. Whether you have just a few boxes, countless crates of knick-knacks, antique furniture, or a whole house. We offer many storage unit solutions of different sizes to fit your individual needs. College students also find our secure storage facilities useful as a temporary solution during the summer months until they can move back to campus for fall classes.

On-Site Vaulted And Warehouse Storage

Our facilities have many different storage options, from vault to warehouse. These needs can be short-term or long-term.

We are committed to making your entire moving experience seamless. Whether you need to have items shipped to our facility before your move or store items for one month or a few years, we have you covered.

In-Between Moves

Another short-term storage need we see often is when customers find themselves between homes. Whether their home has sold quickly and they need to move into a temporary home or apartment until they find a new home, or they are waiting on construction of a new home and need to store items, customers know they can call on Few Moves for storage of their items during this transitional time.


Renovations can be a pain with having to move items out of the home for various periods, just to move them right back in when work is complete. For these reasons, customers find our easy storage options ideal for short-term solutions.


Downsizing is often even more stressful than the move itself! Between paring down items, garage sales, and finding time to donate unwanted items, many customers still find themselves with things they aren’t ready to part with but need to store. Unfortunately, few Moves storage services are handy for longer-term storage needs.

Few Moves' Storage Process

Still not sure how the Few Moves storage service works? Here we show you how it is:

Contact our team and request a quote for the storage service, indicating the amount and type of objects you wish to store, the estimated time, and the location.

We offer different storage options depending on the size, security, distance, and available units. We will also inform you about the units’ access, payment, and insurance policies.

You choose the option that best suits you, and we proceed to carefully pack, transport, and store your objects in the unit with the appropriate materials and equipment to protect them and avoid damage.

You can access your stored items whenever you want and request delivery or pickup of your items at any time.

Few Moves Storage vs. Traditional Mini Storage

When you rent your mini storage unit, you must provide blankets and protection to protect your items while they are in it. Instead, when you hire the Few Moves storage service, your items will be covered and protected until we return them to you. This saves you time and money as your items leave our warehouse already safeguarded and do not need to be repackaged.

If you still need access to your stored items, no problem, you can still check out items from our warehouse when required.

Few Moves Residential Moving Services: The Trusted Name in North Carolina Movers

Our top services include:

Long-distance: We’re equipped for long-distance moves to or from the North Carolina area, so we’ll transport your belongings anywhere in the country.
Local: You can trust us if you’re moving within Raleigh, Wilmington, or Charlotte. As a local company, we will provide an efficient and safe route to your new home.
Packing & Unpacking: Our professional movers will pack your possessions with care and skill. With our insurance policies against any damage, you can relax during the move.

Few Moves Storage Services​

While in our care, all of your assets are covered by our four comprehensive insurance policies. You can enter and leave the warehouse at any time you want.

Save time and let your belongings be handled carefully in the Few Moves warehouses.

Our storage service includes: