5 Questions to Ask Your Long-Distance Movers

Moving is always challenging, but a long-distance move comes with its own set of concerns. As you watch your moving truck with all your belongings drive into the distance, you want to feel your moving company is rock-solid dependable.

To avoid uncertainty—even panic—research your long-distance moving company well in advance. Knowing you have booked well-respected, well-protected movers will ease your mind and in the long run, be easier on your wallet too.

Ask your long-distance movers these questions:

1. What Insurances Does Your Moving Compay Have?

It’s essential that your long-distance moving company have insurance to cover any damage to your belongings. Even the very best movers are subject to Murphy’s Law, and you want to know you’ll be protected should something happen.

Few Moves Moving Company is fully insured to protect you during your long-distance move. Call us—we’re happy to explain how our insurance coverage works and how you can file a claim should the need arise.

2. Is Your Moving Company Licensed?

Moving companies in North Carolina are regulated by the North Carolina Utilities Commission. A NCUC licensed moving company must abide by a set of rules that benefit you, the customer. An unlicensed company can’t be depended on for your long-distance move.

Few Moves Moving Company is proud to be fully licensed and registered; you can look us up by License Number: NCUC C-2521 and by DOT Number: 2417428.

3. Does Your Moving Company Have Good Reviews & Testimonials From REAL Customers?

One of the best ways to learn about your long-distance moving company is to read reviews – several of them. Always ask your movers for reviews and references before you book.

Few Moves Moving Company prides itself on great customer testimonials. We try to make you happy! There are plenty of reviews online for both our Wilmington, NC office and our Raleigh, NC offices. Few Moves even has a collection of video reviews from our customers.

4. Can You Be A One-Stop-Shop?

A large fleet of moving trucks, professional movers, packing supplies, moving blankets and floor protection—you want your movers to have everything they need for your long-distance move. Ask about resources for your move. Few Moves is fully prepared for your long-distance move, and can help with storage options if needed, too.

5. Is There A FREE Quote? What Are Your Payment Terms?

Lowball estimates, hidden fees, and soft estimates are some of the scams disreputable movers may use, causing you unwelcome surprises on moving day. Be sure your long-distance moving company can offer a detailed binding estimate.

Expect a detailed inventory of your belongings. Few Moves will come to your house and record any large items or difficult conditions, so you know what to expect—at a fair price.

Call Few Moves Moving Company today at (910) 512-6999 in Wilmington, NC or (919) 999-6201 in Raleigh. We’ll answer all your questions and put your mind at ease about your long-distance move.